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Benniras Beach

Benirras is located in between San Joan and San Miguel, on the north-west side of the island.  A 25 minute drive from Ibiza town, that offers nice scenery like valleys, forests and traditional Ibizencan architecture.  The natural areas surrounding Benirras are protected and well maintained, offering a Balearic nature experience.

The beach has a very unique atmosphere and shows a different side of the island. It has nice waters, four restaurants, sun bed, massage and water game service. A rocky, grainy beach that suitable for snorkeling and other water sports. And is a good pick for families, couples or anyone who wishes to get away from the mainstream beaches of the island.

This sheltered bay is also a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motor boats who gather in the late afternoon to enjoy the romantic sundown often accompanied by the drummers who descend to the beach to ‘drum down the sun’. This drumming is a unique Ibiza experience, established over many years.

A beautiful beach with a huge rock (know as Tanit or the finger of god) thrusting out of the sea, almost entirely full of locals watching the complexion of the beach change as the tourists leave late afternoon and the drummers and hippies arrive for the sunset celebration.


Benirras Sunday Sunset Ritual As the bongos reach a crescendo and the dancers turn to silhouettes against the setting sun, the weaving rhythms create a unified vibe, where everyone who wishes can jam along. A the highly meditative and fun experience; there’s nothing like it!

The beach is extremely busy during Sundays, with up to 5000 visitors, from different nationalities, enjoying the beautiful sunsets, herbal delights, live music and impressive fire shows.

Another thing about Benniras Beach Sundays is that it is almost cost free, beverages are sold at the beach for 1 EUR per unit and food and other items are also at a low cost. We highly recommend this destination, and rate it as one of the top 5 spots in Ibiza.

This location is a popular choice for weddings, ceremonies and spiritual gatherings. There is a Yoga retreat located here for those who want a to really spend time here and fully experience the magic of this mysterious place.