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Cala Comte

A superb beach, located on the far south-west coast of the island, reachable by car, boat or a ferry departing regularly from San Antonio Harbour.

With sand dunes and rocky cliffs behind the beach, Cala Compte is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The beach is perfect for little ones, with gentle, shallow and clean water. While another rockier ledge leads to a sheltered, private cove where the sea is a little deeper. This location is suitable for all types and ages and offers an all-round recreational experience that comes highly recommended. The beach offers sun bed service, water sports, and is a good spot for swimming, snorkelling or hiking in the surrounding forest areas.

In the high season the beach is very popular, so its recommended to arrive either in the early morning or later in the afternoon for night activities.

There are 3 restaurants, easily reached by foot, which offer fresh sea food, live music, DJ’s, and visual entertainment. An all round day & night hideout with beautiful sunset views. Cala Comte is renowned for being one of the top sunset spots in Ibiza, and is one of our favourite spots on the magical white island.