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Eivissa (Ibiza Town)

The municipal, which has a population of approx. 50.000, is the capital and most populous settlement of the island. It is widely known for its entertaining and busy nightlife. Several of the island’s most popular hotels, cafe / restaurants and nightclubs are located in Ibiza Town. During summer, the port is loaded with beautiful yachts, belonging to the more sophisticated travelers visiting the island.

Eivissa, as called in Catalan, is a great place to start the day or evening. In a compact and typical mix of Ibiza, the port area is always buzzing with the life of boutiques, galleries, bars and restaurants. By exploring its small streets and alleys, you will find a wide selection of different venues. Also the street markets here offer imported and handmade art.

The Marina Botafoch, adorned with the finest restaurants and yachts, is also a very entertaining area of town. Here you can find anything from markets, spa resorts, trendy hotels and of course boat transfers to Formentera, Mallorca, or to one of the neighbouring beaches. This Ibiza port is also the anchor spot for the Balearic ferry, which travels daily between Ibiza, Barcelona and Valencia. A good and recommended choice of traveling.

On top of Ibiza Town you find the historic Old Town (Dalt Vila), whose magnificent 16th century walls guard a maze of spectacular restaurants and views. Dalt Vila dates back over 2.700 years and is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites as a historically important site famous for its archaeological value














The Upper Town is the oldest area, which emerges like an acropolis standing on a headland facing the sea.  Based on the military precepts of the Renaissance, its architecture and physiognomy have not been changed since the fortifications in the 16th century.  The defensive walls and bastions have incorporated those which existed before, thus making it possible to study the stratigraphy of all fortifications. Ebysos (the town of Bes, an Egyptian god) was founded by the Carthaginians in 654 BC. For 2,000 years, the town and its fortified harbor were the center of the Mediterranean, with visitors from all over the world.

There are endless possibilities in Ibiza town, including the popular IMS (International Music Summit) held every year at the end of May. In its fifth year, this amazing musical event hosts the most successful artists and Djs of the electronica world to kick of the summer season.

Ibiza Town has an increasingly good choice of services to suite all pockets.  Be it shopping, dinning, dancing or even gambling (in the five-star Grand Hotel & Casino.) Whatever you should desire, Ibiza Town is the place to find it. Each year bringing more people to discover the charm of living right in the center of beauty and excitement.