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Es Vedra

Located on the south – west coast of the island, a 10 minute drive from San Jose, you find Cala d’hort. A petite beach, with 3 seafood restaurants, a beach hotel and boutique, sun bed service,

water sports and outdoor activities like climbing. The area is a good location for hiking, with many forest trails, plenty of wildlife, beautiful scenery and exquisite view to  Es Vedra, Es Vedranell and Sa Galera.

This is a magical part of the island, which has great history and carries a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. The sunsets here are beautiful and shows the island from a unique perspective.

A very good choice for families, couples and those who want to escape from the mainstream and have an authentic Ibiza experience. Its also a popular spot to anchor if you’re arriving by boat.

Es Vedra a.k.a The Rock is a must see if you are traveling around Ibiza, its located on the water by the Cala d’hort beach, at the bottom south-east coast of the Island. This place carries a mysterious history that traces way back to early hippie times and beyond. Its been a refuge place for pirates, monks, philosophers, hippies and spiritual people from around the world, for thousands of years. Pirates used to stay and hide they’re gold here, monks have lived here in meditation and philosophers for inspiration.

The are many claims about Es Vedra, some say its a unique magnetic point of the world and a site for extra-terrestrials sightings. Among the legends surrounding Es Vedra, it’s said to be the island of the sirens, the sea nymphs who tried to lure Odysseus from his ship, in Homer’s epic, and also the holy island of the Carthaginian love and fertility goddess, Tanit.

No doubt this place has something special about it. You can feel it upon arrival that there is a profound depth to this place that is hard to explain through words. Es Vedra is said to be one of the top spiritual attractions of Europe and has had thousands, if not millions of visitors.

Cala d’Hort Natural Park, including the islands of Es Vedra, Illots de Ponent, south-west Ibiza and surrounding marine environment, is an extremely valuable natural area. It is considered a European conservation priority due to the presence of rare, endangered species. Four sites in the area have been included in the EU Natura 2000 Network as Special Areas of Conservation and two are also bird important areas.

Endangered species include the Balearic shear water, a highly threatened marine bird that breeds in coastal cliffs and is endemic to Ibiza, as well as globally endangered Audouin’s gull, and Peregrine and Eleonorae’s falcon, present also in coastal areas and in the islands.

The inland is a refuge for protected birds such as the Eurasian thicknee, the Greater Short-toed and Theckla larks, the Eurasian nightjar and the endemic Balearic warbler. In addition, marine areas harbour protected fauna, such as the Loggerhead turtle and the Bottlenose dolphin. Cala d’Hort also abounds in rare plants, some of them strictly protected and exclusively found here. The area is a mosaic of heath, garrigue and pinewoods alternating with farmland, with a high coast marked by inaccessible cliffs, coves, and small islets. It was granted protection in 2002, after years of intensive campaigning and massive public mobilization to stop urbanization plans and a golf project in the area. But protection was short-lived, as in 2007 protected area was reduced from the 2.700 hectares originally included in the Park to 234 hectares. Since then, development remains a significant threat not only to the few remaining, unspoilt coastal areas, but also to valuable inland habitats.