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Punta Galera

One of our favorite hideouts, Aqua Blanca is a great day time attraction and a highly recommended destination if you traveling the magical white island.

Located on the north – coast side of the island, near the pueblo of San Carlos, you find Aqua Blanca, a unique hideaway with one of the finest beaches on the island. This place is breathtaking and offers a atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Its a popular choice for nudists as it is one of only two official nudists beaches on the Island.

Not to get put off, the nudist section is only a part of the beach and it is as good of a choice for families, couples and does who seek privacy. There are a 2 beach club / restaurants, one which is a delicate seafood restaurant, specialised in Mediterranean dishes. It’s a good place to spend the whole day and early evening.


Also known as Cala Yoga, a shrine to the Buddha and a Buddha’s head can also be found here. Giving everyone something to look at during the long, hot summer days. Yoga and meditation groups also practice on the flat rocky platforms. It’s also extremely popular with nudists.

An amazing spot for sunsets, snorkeling and cliff diving, a unique Ibiza experience that shouldn’t be missed. If you are looking for calm and silence, this might be your best choice.